10 design tables: our selection

If you love design, the dining table can truly become a distinctive element in home furnishings. In addition to its design, its shape, its size, the materials used for its construction are also fundamental aspects. We share with you some news that could revolutionize your stay:

Ava – Molteni 

Onomaterial, made entirely of wood, the natural material par excellence and easily reusable, the Ava Table responds to the ever-present need, in the context of design furniture, to meet the needs of eco-sustainability by not sacrificing the need to represent space that every furniture must deserve.

Bold – Lago

The Bold table, designed by Daniele Lago, wants to challenge the force of gravity thanks to a surprising asymmetrical suspension effect.
Magic lies in the shadows, a black physical element that evades the presence of a base. The ultra-thin top is supported by a single decentralized and counterbalanced support which contributes to total stability thanks to in-depth engineering studies.
The absence of bulky legs makes it possible to eliminate any bond between the guests, amplifying the sense of conviviality and making sharing its strong point.

Parallel Structure – B&B italia  

The material presence of two imposing aluminum bars (solid) simply joined by two lateral bridges: this is the concept that generated the first table by Michael Anastassiades for B&B Italia. A basic structure, a minimal and essential vision, a sign that becomes an object. To respect the purity of the project, great attention has been paid to the study of the joints, to the relationship between cleanliness of the shape and structural elements, to the marriage between materials of a very different nature. The legs are made of solid wood, while the side bridges – real architraves that connect the colored aluminum bars – hide a metal core, necessary to provide solidity and greater visual lightness to the entire structure.

Smalto – Knoll

Smalto is an enamelled steel table focused on pure and simple lines. The model, available in the round or oval version, has an important presence and stands out for a particular chromatic effect that goes from gray to blue, passing through the aubergine. Top with a thickness of 32 mm.


Tense – MDF

4 vertical legs, 1 horizontal surface able to keep in perfect tension up to 4 meters in length, guaranteeing the table perfect flatness and lightness, in just 35 mm of thickness. 8 finishes that emphasize the uniqueness of materials capable of transmitting unique tactile emotions.

Boboli – Cassina

The Boboli table stands out for its architecturally ordered geometries, in which the great construction challenge completed by Cassina lies in the ability to stabilize the thin helical bars supporting the structure. Not only load-bearing but also aesthetic elements, which pay homage to the classic Italian gardens by evoking the vertical development of vegetation. The sinuous movement of the twisted aluminum slats gives the design a sculptural effect of great stylistic charm, where rigor and imagination join forces to challenge the limits and the nature of the material.

Capitol Complex Table – Cassina

Tribute to Pierre Jeanneret. The inclusion in the list of Unesco world heritage occurred in 2016 aroused great interest towards the Capitol Complex of Le Corbusier, an extraordinary architectural work created in Chandigarh (India) in 1951 to celebrate the independence of a nation that opens up to modernity . Among the furnishings used in the Legislative Assembly building is this large conference table. As if to evoke the solemn functions of the place, this model has a base made up of two important and graphic solid wood elements with the characteristic “cornes entrecroisées” shape. In addition to the historic version with teak top and structure, the Cassina reissue offers two versions in natural and black stained oak and the option of glass top in different sizes.

Montreal – Flexform

The warm texture of wood – a lively and expressive material like few others – gives the Montreal table a strong character. Every construction detail of the Montreal table reveals the complexity that lies behind an apparent simplicity: the important though essential solid wood legs underline the noble and austere aspect that distinguishes this table and are a fine example of how the cabinetmaker tradition can revive in contemporary forms. The rigorous thick top is veneered in canaletto walnut and ash, available in a wide range of colors. Montreal is a generously proportioned table that seats up to ten diners.

Shang – Riva 1920

Round table made with blockboard top with solid wood edging and central marble insert, equipped with Lazy Susan swivel system. The base, made up of solid wood slats, symbolizes the symbol of infinity.

Henry – Poliform

Henry is a generously sized table designed for conviviality and meeting. The contrast between the generous shapes and a feeling of harmonious lightness is accentuated by the elegant structure. New boundaries and expressions project the Henry table collection in a classic atmosphere with decidedly contemporary details thanks to Emmanuel Gallina’s ability to place craftsmanship at the service of timeless refinement.

Other inspirations
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