How to Furnish Your Terrace: Discover the Tips from Our Designers

Maximizing the use of every available centimeter and creating a welcoming, comfortable, and functional outdoor environment is the stimulating challenge that our designers take on when it comes to furnishing outdoor spaces. Particularly with a terrace, the usually limited dimensions require careful planning to create an ideal space for hosting friends and family or simply for relaxation.

Since our designers enjoy tackling ambitious challenges, we’d like to share some of their valuable tips along with examples of projects they’ve completed themselves!


Harmony Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Our designers love to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces for a harmonious environment. By using consistent materials, colors, and styles, terraces become a natural extension of the interior, enhancing the sense of space and comfort.

In this project, this continuity was reinforced even in the choice of flooring, using Biancone, a local stone also used in the surrounding architecture, including Castelvecchio and the Arsenale in Verona.

Space Optimization

In furnishing outdoor spaces, maximizing the use of available space is crucial. It’s essential to understand the client’s expectations and, if space allows, divide the various areas following the same approach used for the interior. In this project, a dedicated space for dining with friends was created, featuring a spacious table and proximity to the barbecue and indoor service kitchen. On the other hand, a lounge area was designed with sofas, armchairs, and a chaise lounge, ideal for sunbathing, reading a book, or enjoying an aperitif with friends


Evaluating Sun Orientation

Before considering the furnishings of the space, it’s essential to understand the sun’s orientation to provide shade and protection from sunlight and heat. For this project, the installation of a bioclimatic pergola from Pratic was chosen. Since the location is in the heart of the city, covering the space to provide both shade and privacy was of paramount importance for this home



Illuminating the Space

The right lighting can transform a terrace and make it magical during the evenings. Our designers opt for a mix of soft ambient lighting and bright focal points to create evocative atmospheres.

For example, in this terrace, integrated lights in the bioclimatic pergola offer various lighting options, and lights in the flooring highlight the residence.


We hope to have helped you with these tips, and with the projects we’ve shared, you’ve been able to discover how you can transform any terrace into an extraordinary space where you can have fun, relax, and enjoy the beauty of outdoor spaces. Contact us to create your custom project!


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