8 beds with an enveloping design

Research on softness and comfort with enveloping shapes that invite you to rest, the greatest designers have imagined the headboard with curved lines that recall the shape of the nest. In fabric or leather, with very essential or more complex shapes using the quilt, their design is always the result of a careful study of aesthetic and ergonomic quality.

L50 Cab | Cassina | Mario Bellini 

Designed by Mario Bellini, bed with upholstered headboard, bed frame and legs covered in soft and thick leather and rigid leather in seven shades


Chloe | Poliform | Carlo Colombo 

Chloe interprets a soft aesthetic. A proposal that amplifies the sense of hospitality characterized by the large padded headboard. A magical island, a space of comfort and a reassuring refuge from stress. A real system completed by the dresser and bedside tables.

Sweet Dreams | Ceccotti | Draw

Sweet Dreams firmato da Draw per Ceccotti Collezioni è un letto in massello di noce americano, base del letto in multistrato impiallacciato, testata imbottita in tessuto o pelle. Dettagli in ottone.

Husk | B&B italia | Patricia Urquiola

The research on softness and comfort is the same from which the now famous armchair with which the series originated was born. Soft and geometric, simple and complex, above all welcoming: a strongly characterized headboard, in one size, punctuated by the play of seams, welcomes the sommier.

Papilio | B&B italia | Naoto Fukasawa

“I want to sleep immediately. This is what must inspire a bed when looking at it. Wellness. ”Says Japanese designer Fukasawa. The spirit of simplicity, immediacy and comfort, understood as the fulfillment of the “hidden” senses, have guided the functional development of all the products of the Papilio series.

Lola Darling | Poltrona Frau | Roberto Lazzeroni 

The Lola Darling bed welcomes at first glance with its soft and generous lines. The important headboard, molded with technical and artisan skill, unfolds gently on the sides. With Lola Darling, Roberto Lazzeroni gives his interpretation of the iconic capitonné of Poltrona Frau.

Mamy Blue | Poltrona Frau | Roberto Lazzeroni 

Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni calibrating the important shapes with a soft and rounded design, the Mamy Blue Bed becomes almost sculpture, shaped and skillfully worked by the craftsmen of Poltrona Frau. Mamy Blue Bed is designed as the protagonist of the space where the headboard stands out, inspired by the curved lines that surround the resting surface of the armchair from which it takes its name.

Fulham | Molteni&C | Rodolfo Dordoni

Fulham Road, in the heart of the City of London, gives its name to the bed that the Milanese designer designed with the aim of making our rest comfortable and regenerating. The solid wood base, available in different colors to easily integrate into any bedroom, makes the bed the protagonist of the same. The wraparound headboard, in fabric or leather, allows you to create a comfortable environment around yourself where you can relax, read or watch television in complete relaxation. A bench to be positioned at the foot of the bed completes the project.

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