An unexpected oasis: Suite Erbe

Suite Erbe is an unexpected oasis of tranquility in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy: Piazza Erbe in the historic center of Verona. The structure offers three luxurious suites furnished with particular care. The aim is to create an extraordinary experience through luxury comfort. For this project, our interior designers the architect Roberto Motta and Sara Bissoli have managed to combine contemporary elements and historical details creating a perfect combination of luxury and modern, enhancing the beauty of the building. The original elements of the rooms such as frescoes, coffered ceilings and fireplace that give great elegance to the rooms, are enhanced by the combination with a furniture with clean and essential lines. Particular attention was given to the choice of lights, all design icons, such as the Parentesi lamp by Flos or the Tolomeo by Artemide.

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