Charismatic spaces

Intense and elegant, this detached villa reveals its essence in full after a renovation that has bestowed it with character and an exclusive touch, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Behind this extraordinary project lies the team of experts from Area In, led by architect Roberto Motta in collaboration with architect Cinzia Bolognesi, who oversaw the renovation. A remarkable synergy emerged from their dialogue, turning the client’s desires into reality.

What materials were chosen for the renovation of a 1930s house? Almost all of them! Marble, wood, glass, brass, as well as silks and velvets: a symphonic mix of materials for a prestigious residence. All of these contribute to enhancing its privileged exposure, where natural light embraces every corner and reflects upon various textures. The same effect is not lost even when the sun sets, as carefully designed lighting transforms the spaces into magical atmospheres.


Project by
B&B Italia
Ceramica Cielo