The success a Company can reach largely depends on the people, on the talents it is able to attract and keep by developing a more and more reliable reputation on the market.

Our staff is a union of experienced people who have been always working for us and young people inspiring the Company with the enthusiasm typical of their age and the skill to use the new digital technologies in a rather efficient way.



Our group of showrooms enjoys the following centralised offices:

– Administration;

– Delivery Department which plans the shipment of your purchases by arranging a delivery according to your needs and availability;

– Customer Care, at your disposal for any trouble you may have, including installation and after sale procedures.

See contact details on the “Services” section of the website.


Elena Baldani, Barbara Carli, Lara Dall’Oglio, Lara Rigo, Francesca Piccoli, Claudio Scalzotto, Sara Paganini, Marjorie Bouget, Silvia Pilati, Serena Belladelli, Lidia Pezzini, Lucia Raimondi, Chalouy Sangkaew, Manuela Toni, Rita Visintin.



Your furniture is delivered from our Centralised Warehouse close to the Headquarters of the Company.

Five teams of installers, all of them employees of the Squassabia Group, will deliver and mount the ordered furniture directly by you.

Our Group enjoys highly trained and experienced personnel and does not work with contractors, neither for transport nor for installation: Valentino Bailoni, Rudi Balasso, Lorenzo Bari, Federico Bello, Giovanni Faccioni, Vanni Faella, Stefano Ferrarin, Marco Giovannini, Massimo Milzoni, Massimo Turzi, Dario Zorzan, Marco Squassabia.