Yesterday was history, today it is home

Poking through the history of a 15th century building in the heart of Verona, David and Kathrin, who form a young couple living in Frankfurt, have found the right location for the second home. Not only a historic building but a portion of the Miniscalchi Erizzo museum building, where the service rooms, today, are a jewel of conservative architecture. Completely modern intuitions were the starting point for the excellent recovery work, born from a significant collaboration between the architect Emanuele Soldi and the Interior Designer Francesca Santinato, of the International Design Showroom in Verona, on the ideas and wishes of the clients who were clear what their all-Italian private space should be. First of all, therefore, the safeguard, aimed at fulfilling the concept of belonging and status of the building, then innovation and eco-sustainability: a trilogy that becomes the mantra of the new project. Everywhere you notice an enveloping harmony made of materiality, lights, colors and orchestrated spaces for comfort and beauty.