Villa on the Garda Lake

Based on “DENTRO CASA MAGAZINE– ideas and suggestions for your house” – May 2016


This villa facing the Garda Lake, renovated according to an architectural project by Fabio Ricobelli and arranged by our designers Luigi Ferrario and Paolo Zilocchi belonging to the “International Furniture Store” team in Sirmione, is the result of an accurate cooperation based on the “Let Art Live” concept. Our houses should therefore be a place where modern and contemporary ways of living coexist including also valuable works of art. Imagine wide volumes with bare walls only dedicated to art where furniture supports the exhibited masterpiece in a discreet and elegant way without interfering with the spaces.

Spaces and figures designed for an exciting life where art “lives” a starring role.

If a restoration work relies on the professionalism of skilled and experienced designers, able to detect all the potentialities of what already exists and to shape them according to the customer needs, the final result will not only be that of a functional and exhaustive project, but, above all, that of an original custom-buit house, exceptionally full of meaning.

B&B Italia
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