Marcegaglia Head Offices

Gazoldo degli Ippoliti. Mantua. The managerial skills of Dr. Steno Marcegaglia, Knight of Labour and honored representative of the Italian as well as International Managers, brought to a remarkable expansion of the Company offices. The project by Architect Nicolini coming from Mantua is about a 5 floor palace showing a real connecting chain.

Make life better for people who will live in these spaces. Be sure they are happy and they feel at home: this was the main result to satisfy for Dr. Marcegaglia. After an exciting and sincere meeting with people respecting their own roles, it was possible to conceive, with strong will and love, a living space representing the Company. These future inhabitants could choose the chair seats and the colours by therefore reviving any space with their personality and turning the seriousness of the office into contagious happiness.

Catellani & Smith
Poltrona Frau