Function and dynamism

Simple volumes, in close connection to each other, designed to give shape to the needs of a property with clear ideas. This, in a nutshell, is the project developed by the architect Roberto Motta, from the showroom “Area In” of the Squassabia Group, to create the home of a couple who chose the province of Mantua for their home. A single building, of new construction, disposed on two levels deliberately independent, where the integration between spatiality and function of the various environments is concrete and visually perceptible.

The rooms are arranged around a central block containing the elegant staircase connecting the floors, directly accessible from the main entrance. The ground floor is dedicated to family and conviviality: a living area whose centerpiece consists of kitchen and dining where the owners usually share free time with friends. The rooms on the ground floor facing south, through large windows, are a natural extension of the habitable use for most of the year. On the first floor the sleeping area, organized so as to be used by the owner’s son in a totally independent way through a carefully organized organization of the spaces, which provides direct access from the main entrance via the staircase.

Everything is organized so that the connection of the volumes creates a perceptible dynamic movement, with double-height spaces and rooms on the first floor open on the ground floor. Great importance has been given to the openings and to the filtering of natural light, also through external sunblinds that regulate the irradiation, as well as to artificial lighting, the result of a project and a targeted installation.

The furnishings designed and assessed for the intervention are the result of the experience and close relationship between the Squassabia Group and the leading companies in the sector, such as Molteni, Dada, Vitra, Modulnova, Cappellini and B & B Italia. The furnishing proposal is also completed thanks to the tailor-made elements, further strength of the Squassabia team. In this case they are the result of the close collaboration between the designer and the hand of the owner’s father, the expert carpenter who made them. As for the lighting studio, the proposal evaluates products from companies

Project by
B&B Italia