Design in harmony

The project of a villa in close contact with the splendid panorama of Lake Garda, designed for high quality housing, to be enjoyed in complete harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. The drafting of a home project is never a simple path that runs smoothly on pre-established tracks: on the contrary, it is a process in the making whose direction depends on multiple factors linked both to the physical characteristics of the place and to the housing needs of who will live the house. So it was for this newly built villa, a building conceived in close contact with the construction site, capable of interpreting the requests of the client pair through flexible volumes and designed in such a way that interior and exterior can be lived in great harmony with the natural context. The location in fact enjoys a breathtaking view of the surrounding panorama of Lake Garda which is always perceivable, both from inside the building and from the equipped outdoor spaces. On the ground floor a large open space is enlarged and enhanced by the direct relationship with the swimming pool area and the surrounding park, on which it overlooks through large windows while on the first floor the rooms open onto large terraces with transparent railings. The natural landscape is therefore always in the foreground.

Architectural Project: Ing. Giambattista Gasparini

B&B Italia
Poltrona Frau