Library once Christian Church

We are in the unique context of Parma. An Italian city strongly characterized by its past, made of art, prosperity and exclusive city glimpses. A location famous for its history, as any other city in Italy, thanks to which writers could compose stories of people, fighters, soldiers who left and never came back leaving behind such a deep emptiness everyone grieves.

Hence the passion of a talented entrepreneur from Parma who, besides leading a family activity extended in different sectors, is really fond of history. History intended as research of the past by understanding its reasons and periods through a careful and constant study. And here is what he asked for: a solid and long-lasting construction. A structure talking with light and following the right rhythm, geometry and heat in a really unique context, maybe exclusive. Once a Christian Church where restoration has maintained all its values starting from the floor to the frescoes, from the openings to the niches, from the wide space to the smallest way by using any possible wall.