Balance of contrasts

A project capable of transforming a villa with unexpressed potential into a home of great character through the use of materials and colors that make contrast a wise balance. A villa on Lake Garda with great unexpressed potential. This is the situation that clients are faced with when they buy the property. Large bright spaces that, despite the New Liberty flavor of some valuable elements such as the large staircase connecting the floors, are completely anonymous and poorly exploited. The project, entrusted to the architect Silvia Zatti, takes on the task of giving a strong soul to the home and transforming the rooms by giving them a new, personal and significant character. The consolidated collaboration between the architect and the “Squassabia Store” showroom in Sirmione, in particular in the figure of our designer Luigi, produces high-quality work that regards all aspects of living and knows how to enhance the good already present through choices targeted and aware. Focusing on the great brightness and the Art Nouveau elements, a thoughtful contrast of colors and materials inspired by that period develops which, thought in terms of functionality and visual perception, offer a great balance of form, spatiality and overall livability.


Project by
Catellani & Smith
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