A modern fortress

A “modern fortress” overlooking Lake Garda, in the Verona area, isolated and protected from the outside by the large trees of the private park.
Two brothers who are very united in this space, left by their father, have decided to create a home that would allow them to get away from everyday work. A special place, born from a project where the professionalism of the architect Marco Ardielli (his architectural choices of shapes and materials) and our designers Renée Squassabia, and the architect Roberto Motta, curators of all aspects related to the design of interiors, they worked in symbiosis towards a common goal: to create a home with a great formal solidity capable of “opening” a frame on the lake. This is the reason for the choice of a few coherent materials with a strong image such as brick, sought after by color and degree of cooking, iron and concrete.