Living room Cappellini – Home entertainment

Finish: natural wood santos

Description: Home entertainment is a system of containers and shelves connected by a box that allows you in a very easy way to be able to route the cables of the various users of the interior and therefore out sideways on the most appropriate shelf. The project proposed by us is composed of three baskets L. 90 H. 24 in natural santos wood with relative SP top finishing. 1.2. The glossy magnolia lacquered box panel H. 60 L. 192, while the shelves that are going to intersect L. 180 P. 30 H. 4 wooden base natural santos – shelves and vertical panel lacquered magnolia.

Measurement: L. 450 P. 45 H. 192

Price € 4.950,00 Vat included
Discount € 3.450,00 (sconto 70% circa)
Outlet price € 1.500,00 (IVA inclusa)
Transport and assembly excluded
StoreBrescia furniture store and design
Address and telephone numbers

Via Brescia 58 – Sirmione Bs
Tel.0039/030 9904372

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Saturday : 9.00-12.30 / 15.00-19.30

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