The elements and news that can change your life in the kitchen!

What will the kitchen of the future be like? If you think that we have found the dream kitchen that prepares you dinner without the slightest effort … eh no this does not exist yet! But there are novelties, small or more advanced that completely change the way we perceive the kitchen and that allow us to glimpse what tomorrow’s kitchen might be like.

the Vmotion system of Valcucine

The kitchen that comes to life: A soft gesture of the hand and at the same time opens the door, operates the tap and turns on the back lights, giving a unique sensation. By choosing the color of the bright background with just as much simplicity, the suggestions of nature communicate freely with everyday life, because each shade is inspired by the elements of nature: fire-red, earth-yellow, water-green, air-blue.


The Dada Cucine lighting system

Technological innovation and versatility characterize the 015 pewter-finish lighting bar, which inserted between the worktop and the wall units, offers a practical support for technological (such as the iPad) and classic equipment and stands alongside Momento suspended containers.



Logica Theca Valcucine

a storage element closed by a single door, perfectly integrated into the work surface, in which to store small tools, containers, power sockets and much more. A simple and intelligent solution that offers maximum functionality, guaranteeing immediate access and total visibility of everything in it. With a single touch, almost by magic, the entire door opens automatically and silently, thanks to an ingenious mechanism based on gravity. The internal space, completely usable, can be organized in absolute freedom and personalized with a rich series of accessories created for different needs.


The equipped “bridges”

Designed to divide the environment without closing it, this element allows the interaction between the two areas of the bridge. Furnishing element but also functional space, it can be customized according to different needs and areas of use with a rich assortment of accessories. The idea is that everything is optimized and efficient, ready for use

The operational columns:


Dada Cucine

The operating column responds to the new organization needs of spaces and appliances in the kitchen, thanks to a patented Fold & Slide opening system, which makes everything accessible without clutter with a large removable stainless steel top, served by sockets, shelves and baskets and lighting .



With a simple movement the doors slide sideways, revealing a large functional space. The luminous back reveals the content previously hidden, helping to facilitate all activities. The convenient internal compartment, in addition to containing tools and small appliances, can be equipped with a shelf with removable stainless steel shelf to allow food preparation and processing. The equipped columns can be equipped according to requirements, also offering the possibility of inserting the ovens.

Other inspirations