The icing on the cake of this ancient building placed in Merano is undoubtedly the penthouse shot inside all pictures on the previous pages. Vivacious and glamour pages put us in a good mood and welcome us in those spaces far from repetitiveness. Although famous and prestigious brands made their pieces of furniture look good, the interior project series – signed by Gruppo Squassabia and its well-established knowledge – does not prove to be obvious and gives emotions along the whole housing pathway.

The synergy created between customers and Gruppo Squassabia allowed to immediately explain the essence of all works. Elegance and comfort had to fall in love and share together. Lightness and dynamism had to live side by side. Daily nature and art had to fearlessly reflect each other. Insignificance and seriality had to run for the hills. So, no problem.

Once the entrance to déjà-vu and repetitiveness was forbidden, the rebirth of this large space – facing the city thanks to a panoramic terrace but also to glass walls and windows – took shape. The excellence in style has been strengthened after building on a strong personality – which took into account owners’ tastes and needs too –. From all those inputs – obviously licit – the game got real interesting and the challenge even more… That means bringing together elegant fresh spaces, everyday life practicality and all pieces of furniture; their importance and their value for the owners slide among artistic notes such as context elements and not as catalogue items only. From here, the choice to let prestigious pieces of furniture and complements live together: sculptures and paintings, colour brushes in tandem with the neutrality of wooden floors and white walls, the scenographic impact with everyday routine.

Thus in the spatiality of important volumes, due to their size or architectural arrangement, we witness a series of contemporary personal outlooks which are pleasing to the eye and predicting enjoyable days in a spirit of non-standard comfort. When the night comes, the passage is subtle, intimate likewise peculiar and evocative. Colours weaken, elegance softens but the attitude survives intact.

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